First-time novelist produces humorous fiction at its finest | Montreal Express

“This comedic novel is too much fun to pass up. There are a lots of laugh-out-loud moments in this book. Great escape from reality” – Julia Gerke, The Suburban

“Schichter uses quickfire conversation sets to create a fast-paced narrative. After completing this book, you will probably do the same thing that I did. You will hand the book to someone else and say: you should read this. It’s a lot of fun” – Gary Goeree, The Kitchener Record


“The Jewish-mother-from-hell, the nemesis brother-in-law, the shyster publisher and the horny high school heartthrob-Schichter serves up a whole delicatessen of characters. He has a good ear for comic family dialogue. Highly entertaining!” - Leon Berger, author of The Berlin Dossier and Tabloid Trash

“Sam Schichter’s slightly gritty irony and his barbed dialogue recall a Woody Allen movie. That and his cast of flawed and idiosyncratic characters – the over-the-top Jewish mother, the longsuffering father, the nebbishes, the no-goodniks, and a dozen memorable but players.” – Patricia Bow, author of The Bone Flute (shortlisted for the Silver Burch and Red Cedar awards)

“Laugh-out-loud funny!!! I can’t tell you the last time I could honestly say that about a book. Terrific, quirky characters; a plot of adventure; hilarious scenes; and a fully satisfying conclusion. Viva Rudy!” – Brian Orend, author of The Morality of War

“Anyone who loved Big Fat Greek Wedding or John Irving’s The Fourth Hand will delight in reading …and then along came Rudy! If you take public transportation, count on getting caught laughing out loud. It’s a funny story, very cleverly written!” - Jack Reynolds, author of Men Don’t Talk: Breakfast With Herb