“Sam Schichter’s slightly gritty irony and his barbed dialogue recall a Woody Allen movie. That and his cast of flawed and idiosyncratic characters – the over-the-top Jewish mother, the longsuffering father, the nebbishes, the no-goodniks, and a dozen memorable but players.” – Patricia Bow, author of The Bone Flute (shortlisted for the Silver Burch and Red Cedar awards)


About Sam Schichter

I was forced to come to Canada at age two. Had no say in the matter. I was perfectly happy playing in the sand in Blankenberge, Belgium. Best 2 years of my life.

Arrived in Montreal and played for two more years until I began school: K-6 at Alfred Joyce. More fun. At some point in elementary school began my writing career. First efforts: creating captions for people and animals in my colouring books.

High schools: Northmount High, St. Laurent High and Sir Winston Churchill High. Best 5 years of my life. Senior year: advanced from captions to writing existential poetry (in Math textbooks) to impress the girls. They weren’t and neither was my Math teacher…More